The Wellness Hub Africa Comunity of self-healers committed and dedicated to creating a lasting transformation of experiencing bliss, balance, harmony peace, and tranquility in their emotional state of being

As emotional beings, we tend to live our lives mainly governed by the emotions we receive from others, generate, cultivate, or exude.

The Emotional Wellness Club allows you intentionally cultivate your own emotions in such a way that it flows in rhythm with who you truly are; The Authentic Infinite potential being.

The Emotional Wellness Club allows you learn and put into practice your knowledge about personal growth and improvement development thereby liberating you from the vicious  cycle of encountering the same disempowering patterns over and over again  

We strongly believe that even though, you are your own best healer, Emotional Wellness is a lifelong journey and does not have to have journeyed alone,   

The Wellness Hub Africa Community Experience

What you will get:

·        A safe space Virtual community that is private yet allows you to connect with other self-healers 

·        Awaken your mind for wellness as you utilize your access to our customized rich content library filled with unending podcasts, books, and resources curated by Sesi Toyin drawn from personal stories and healing journey

·        Masterclasses each month to help deepen and broaden your experience in the emotional wellness journey.  

·        Monthly group coaching calls to earn practical ways to emotional fitness; relieve stress and anxiety

·        Emotional detox clinic which would be  held monthly  

·        Live monthly Q&A Sessions with Coach Sesi and other seasoned Emotional Wellness coaches

·        A monthly physical hangout that would incorporate recreational activities and rest to simply improve the state of emotional wellbeing  from Yoga to Kareoke to Art therapy to salsa dancing to trampoline jumping and a whole lot more

·        Access to Audio Guided Meditation Library

·        Monthly addition of new audio resources 

·        Access to a library of selected books and resources to help guide emotional wellness journey

·        Themed monthly learnings and activities that deepen the practice of emotional wellness and wellbeing

·        Get an accountability Partner in the community

·        Accountability Check-ins

·        Bonuses and Giveaways



When Women Heal 

When Women Heal, the world heals.

 Women are an embodiment of life's force, we carry in us the creative potential of being co-creators of activating life in everyone we encounter

When women heal is a therapeutic experience for women who desire a better life than being stuck in the rut of past hurt, guilt, limiting beliefs, and emotional chains of external influences.

Emotional Healing is a lifelong journey ✨️

The process begins here 

Our last Physical hangout was a Meditative Paint and Sip event to unlock our creativity prowess and expressions

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