Meet The Wellness Activator

Coach Sesi Toyin

The Wellness Activator, Coach Sesi Toyin, is an Author and Executive Wellness Coach, certified in Integrative Attachment Theory(IAT) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

She is well known for curating healthy unconventional ways of deploying the art of shaping the culture of emotional connection in human relationships, the workplace, family, and romantic relationships.

 With her expertise, she helps individuals and teams in organizations attain their highest peak of emotional wellness, making them emotionally fit and mentally prepared to navigate life gracefully.

 She is versatile in subconscious mind reprogramming and uses healthy, unconventional, creative, relatable techniques for emotional healing and mind transformation

As an Executive Coach and an Organisational Culture Management Consultant from the University of Wolverhampton (MA), she has worked with several international organizations and start-ups, to successfully foster an evergreen communication and learning culture; this has 10Xed individuals’ performances, increased organizations’ revenue by 100% and encouraged seamless flow in their management processes. 

She was recently featured in BUSINESS DAY Newspaper as one of the foremost coaches taking Emotional Wellness to a whole different level and forging on new frontiers 

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How to Engage The Wellness Activator - Coach Sesi Toyin

MasterClasses and Speaking Engagement

Evolve to Manifest-Signature Program (Masterclass) 

Evolve to Manifest is designed to help individuals undergo the process of Self-Rediscovery & gain self-mastery, connect with their innermost being, heal from the past and confidently walk into the future of their dreams whilst continuously attaining Self-Supremacy.  

Money and Mental Wellness (M&M) (Speaking Engagement)

Abundance in terms of money as a resource has proven to be the number one need for every human being. Your Money and Mental Wellness addresses the possible mental blocks preventing individuals from fully enjoying their access to the energy of abundance and wealth 

The Art of Self Mastery and Inner Stability (Speaking Engagement)

Coined from Coach Sesi's published book, this talk is designed to help individuals gain inner stability, mastery, peace and tranquillity and resolve every inner conflict and dysregulation which causes disruption to the entire human system. This talk allows you gain practical tools in gaining and mastering inner stability even though we all fall out of alignment once in a while, you get to learn practical tools to quickly recenter and remain grounded